Broken handlebar saga I walked into the Garage Mahal and found MoJo just...

Broken handlebar saga: I walked into the "Garage Mahal" and found MoJo just hanging out in his sidecar, hoping for a ride. Sadly, no ride until I order new handlebars. The stock handlebars BROKE during our last ride. Looking for pics and suggestions!!!

  • I see they are solid now....just a bad design. I hated my stock bars but that's me

  • My wife hated angle that they were at so I experimented turned out they worked out great

  • Jamie, my hubby just brought up the same point. Especially since I have to apply SOOOO MUCH torque to push the handlebars because of the sidecar. (Which is probably what broke the handlebars in the first place). It probably wouldn't be such an issue on a normal bike.

    Thanks for the ideas! Keep 'em coming!!!

  • Anne-Marie Brown Mitchell, here is a chart showing all the metric handlebar measurements, clamp areas, and pullback. Often you can order bars technically made for another model and have them work out well. ImportedMotorcycles/ImportHand lebars/StockBarsOne.html

  • Tami Glover!!!! You are an Angel!!!!

    You are my s-hero!

  • Anne-Marie Brown Mitchell, just glad to help! I can't imagine what it was like having your handlebars break going down the road....I'm thinking I would be ever thankful for the side car!!!

  • Russell Crowder are those a clock and thermometer on top of your risers??....

  • Yes temp and clock ebay

  • Go to your local Harley dealer ....those guys take a lot of bars off of trade ins and when customers upgrade bars ...can usually be had cheap mine for free ...12" stock bars....just don't tell em its for s Honda lol

  • It must have been hard to steer a sidecar with only one side of the handle bars. Riding solo you really only need the bars to hold the hand controls , not so with the hack attached. You really do apply a lot of torque to steer a side car. Have you ever considered a Ural ? They are built for side car use. I've ridden various bikes with sidecars and found the Ural with leading link front forks handles the best. The cruiser stile geometry is not the best suited to sidecar use.Urals seem to be built as solid as a tank.