Bros In love with the honda msx 125 Unfortunately this bike is not available...

Bros. In love with the honda msx 125. Unfortunately this bike is not available in india. Is there any way i can get this bike in india? Thanks

  • Pick it up and put it in your suitcase

  • Hahah. I wish i could

  • Hand luggage ;0)

  • Teleport one

  • Could ride one there

  • Wont take long haha

  • Buy one from a dealer and get it shipped out

  • Call Indonesian dealer.

  • Finally a sensible answer. Thanks buddy

  • Yeah. I'l give that a try. Thanks

  • There is a Chinese replica off the msx. Could you not get that in India mate ?

  • No. Searched it every where. No luck

  • Apparently there's a honda showroom in Delhi

  • There is one in mumbai also. But that bike has not released in india yet;(

  • Like the other people said. Go to the nearest country to you and import one. I use to get bikes that were not imported to the US IN THROUGH CANADA!I I relize you can't do it the same way I have in the past but also check to see if your country has what we call grey redgester to title over here when I use to do that