Bryan Turner shared SCUM Motorcycle Club's video to the group: Honda CBF1000 Owners Club.



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  • Darwin Award contender

  • BMW will get that up and running again for £43684300

  • That's not funny mate... My mate has ridden down to Portugal a week ago and took his GS adventure in for a service and tyres... They told him his rear brake pads were dangerously worn and would replace the pads for £130 + vat and fitting... I nearly had a thrombie when he told me so I got him a pair for ...£15... Took him 5 minutes to do.. At least robbers wear masks

  • One of my colleagues just had a 16k service on his RT.

    A bargain at £1256 no joke

  • They are scumbags. I know a tech that is forced to sell more hours than needed for servicing. They try and sell 4 hours for every 3 taken at £150 plus vat ph.

  • Get the fuck outta here!!! While I have a hole in my arse I will never spend that on any kind of service... It's extortion

  • And all obliging with the pcp contract that most are on.

  • Just don't get it... Limited miles and an obligation to pay the service bills... A local independent dealer talked me out of buying an rt1150 when I eventually bought the cbf... BMWs are the only make he sells with a third party warranty because they fail so often... Usually seriously

  • Laurie Kenny David Hall Mike Dobson

  • I tell you now boys i will never stray from Honda...

    the service bills I hear guys encounter as a result these PCP contracts are criminal

    I tried PCP once I came round butt naked in a field in herefordshire clapping hands

  • He didn't need to go in the water

  • how to drown in a mini sinkhole... stupid !!

  • Hello, AA, what's the problem? My engine cut out. AA, can you give me more details so our agent can help you? Yes, I just dipped the headlight and the engine stopped....

  • I have had cars on PCP contracts for some years now; there is NO obligation to use a franchised dealer for repairs-as long as the car/ bike is serviced in accordance with the manufacturers' schedule and with parts "of a quality equal to or better than OE" then you will have no problem. Legally they cannot penalise you or withhold warranty repairs if you comply with these conditions. The contract providers prefer VAT registered service / repair providers as they are generally more established... But that isn't set in stone.