• BSB races september at Assen circuit. IMPORTANT INFO

    BSB races september at Assen circuit: ****** IMPORTANT INFO *******

    I am trying to organize a meeting as you allready may know, furtheron i have probably the possibility to have following extra on the raceday on sunday:

    A number of people can be guest on this day at the hospitality unit in the paddock from a Dutch Superbike rider (he will race also), it's the famous former Olympic Gold Medalwinner and former World Champion Ice speed skating Rintje Ritsma.

    It's not clear to me yet what will be the cost to be his guest (normally you will have free drinks etc ) but i am in contact at the moment and will have more info later this week. People who are interested, please let know so i can have a view on the total number :-)

    • Wish I could, defo next year though :p

    • Would absolutely love to but funds and family commitments will not allow have a belter tho!!!!

    • Can't do this year Rob, but would love to next year.

    • Well, sorry to hear you can't make it but i will keep you in mind for next year :-)