Buenas necesito saber cuando es la medida para regular las válvulas rebel mod...


Buenas necesito saber cuando es la medida para regular las.válvulas rebel mod 96 tanto de admisión como escape, gracias

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  • 0.0004

  • 0.004 perdon yo los tengo todos igual y trabaja bien

  • .06mm-.10mm

  • Descarga el manual de reparaciones,esta bastante claro todo y medidas

  • Juan de los Muertos pasa el link para descargar el manual

  • Llegando a casa veo si lo puedo subir por aquí,no tengo el link,hace rato que lo descargue

  • Ok gracias

  • Valve Adjustment.

    Engine must be cold.

    Tool list:

    8mm wrench (seat)

    9mm wrench (valve lock nut)

    12mm wrench (valve cover)

    5/8" Spark plug socket

    Large flat-head screwdriver (crankcase access covers)

    Needle-nose pliers (valve screws)

    14mm socket and ratchet (turning crank to TDC)

    Feeler gauges (0.076mm or .003")


    Disconnect negative battery lead (for safety)

    Remove seat.

    Turn off petcock, remove fuel line at carborator.

    Remove fuel tank.

    Remove Spark plugs.

    Remove valve cover, two 12mm bolts on top.

    remove timing cover and crank access cover on left crankcase cover. (Be careful, these can be wallowed out easily. Use a large screwdriver, large washer or other tool to remove these.)

    [NOTE: for reference we will assume cylinder #1 is the left cylinder (as you are facing front from riding position). Cylinder #2 is the right cylinder.]

    With 15mm ratchet turn crank COUNTERCLOCKWISE until you see the "T" on the flywheel through the timeing inspection hole.

    Note the direction of the notch on the end of the camshaft. If it is pointing towards the rear of the bike, then you are going to be working on cylinder #1, if it is pointing towards the front, you will be working on cylinder #2. The rocker is the dark piece of metal with a nut and a screw going through it . Grab one of the rockers on the cylinder you are workng on and give it a slight tug up and down, it should move slightly.

    Valve Adjustment:

    Loosen the nut on top of the rocker arm, and loosen the screw enough to insert your feeler gauge.

    Insert .076mm (.003") feeler guage between the screw and the top of the valve

    Tighten the screw until the feeler gauge has resistance when you pull it. It should not move freely, but rather have some "drag" on it. With the feeler gauge still inserted, tighten the lock nut by holding the screw with needlenose pliers and turning the nut tight with a 10mm wrench. Check the clearance again when you remove the feeler gauge, it should drag. Re-adjust as necessary.

    Repeat the valve adjustment for the other cylinder by rotating the crankshaft counterclockwise 360 degrees and line up the "T" at the top again.

    Replace valve cover. NOTE: be sure that the gasket is smooth in the groove with no pinches, cuts or breaks.

    Tighten the valve cover bolts to 7ft-lbs.

    Replace fuel tank.

    replace fuel line.

    turn on petcock.

    Replace seat

    Re-connect battery.

  • A mi también me lo podrías pasar por favor