• Calling all Gatwick and surrounding area MSX ers I m looking to arrange a meet...

    Calling all Gatwick and surrounding area MSX'ers, I'm looking to arrange a meet up to see fellow riders and have a good chat and ride. If anyone's interested let us know. Everyone is welcome. It should be fun. Take care

    • Possibly interested, just outside Horsham do not far. Depends when really.

    • I'm in Brighton&Hove.. Owain Powell is burgess hill... Leon Nutz Allen is 3 bridges ... Think fairs a couple more down Southampton/Eastbourne etc

    • Im in, just depends on days and timez as i shift work.

    • I'm free all day/night this Tuesday if thats good for anyone. Just top of my head.

    • Maybe when I finish work Tuesday... Finish at 5 can be ready by 6 ish..

    • Cool