• Can any one tell me the percentage error in speed for 14t front sprocket

    Can any one tell me the percentage error in speed for 14t front sprocket. The Rest is stock

    • Curious also

    • Healtech v4 speedo calculator app

    • They are about 10% over anyway, so it will be more realistic then

    • Champion i calculated 6.6 but thought it was way more. Thank you heaps Patrick Benson

    • My Groms speedo was accurate to my iPhone gps and radar signs(when they sensed me). When I calculated using actual vs gps I got almost the same, within .2%

    • 73 speedo is 69 mpg

    • for me at least

    • MPH*

    • It's about 7 percent. I'll run the numbers for you if you really want.

    • Callum Griffin so if the speedo is 10% inaccurate as stock and you fit a 14t then it should actually make it more accurate.

      Or do you mean the 14t will make it even more inaccurate?

    • With a 14T the Speedo gets even more optimistic than stock which already over reads by nearly 10%. Your total error with 14T is around 15% over reading.

    • Sorry Callum Griffin, you've miscalculated.

    • I think there is a difference in the UK and USA Speedo accuracy. It's not the same part exactly as UK Speedo allows change to kmh and USA Speedo doesn't This would also explain why UK riders see 79mph on the rev limiter.

    • Yes we worked the gauge to be 16.67 % more than the actual speed we were travelling at. thats a ratio based on speeds done in kmph.. So had too 16.6% negative on the healer and it gives me a more accurate reading than stock!!! Stock is even off by estimate of 4%

    • The 14t starts to make it feel like it has some proper pull. If only there was a tall 5th it would be sweet

    • Ohh. I didn't realise the UK Speedo was more inaccurate than the US one. Steve Philpott, that's what I ment it will make it more accurate as the UK version is about 10% over.

    • Interesting to know the msx clutters are that optimistic. My us spec grom cluster will swap to kph. I also know it says 73mph when it's doing 68mpg(gps) with 14/34 on my Grom. Comes out to -6.8% error.