Can anyone clear up on how to tighten adjust the chain on our bikes I noticed...

Can anyone clear up on how to tighten/adjust the chain on our bikes? I noticed a few months ago the adjustment nut on the rotor side was completely loose and there's no secondary nut to lock it in place like on most bikes I've done work on. Bike seemed to handle fine at the time. Also when I loosened the chain side it seemed to tighten the gain instead of loosen. Is that normal? When I changed the tire and put the wheel back on the other day the ride seemed ever so slightly wobbly, i suspect it's the wheel alignment and chain slack. Never saw a system like this ):

  • The adjuster bolts are held in with a circlip. The process is to slacken the spindle nut. 22mm fixed-27mm nut. adjust the adjuster nuts, 8mm to take up slack. as you wind in or out there is a point where they go 'slack' with no movement, keep winding to take up slack in the adjuster...Now the tricky bit is setting correctly. As the swingarm comes off the engine it's a bit different as to how the chain tightens up when you sit on it. You really need to set the tension with someone sitting on the bike. When they are off the bike the chain will seem loose but when you sit on it it will tighten up. If you do it up to what you think is the correct amount of slack with no weight on the bike chances are it will be too tight when you sit on it. Bit of a waffel but hope that helps.

  • Remember you may have a slack and tight spot in the chain when adjusting make sure you check the whole chain by spinning the wheel if it's got big tight spots new chain and sprockets is needed also look up something called a chain monkey great bit of kit that most of the race teams use only cheap ill post link makes life so easy

  • I've got one of these Chain Monkeys, it's best $50 I've spent on Bike tools. It's idiot proof. Go to the top of the page and down load a manual, read it and save yours self the grief. Then buy a Chain Monkey to make it even easier to do. :-)

  • They good bit of kit mate well worth money no faff jut simples

  • The Oracle has spoken ;)