• Can anyone educate me on the decompression cable Mine doesn t have one not...

    Can anyone educate me on the decompression cable? Mine doesn't have one & not sure where to start looking for one

    • I need to post some pics of mine on here. im the only one I know of that races a 350x.

    • Put some up! Wish there was places around here that would let me race, always see "no three wheeled ATVs allowed" in the rules

    • that's a real bummer.

    • Yep. Trikes have gotten a really bad rep in central AL. Everyone is always like "my cousins friend's neighbor got killed on one of those things. They are illegal" lol

    • It's way better to not have one than have one n it not be set right.. They are very difficult to set correctly. Your x will not start or run with full compression

    • That's what I've heard, James Pautz. Don't they work by holding an exhaust valve open until the kicker is at the bottom of the stroke?

    • Precisely my friend. I run one on mine but my friend n brother do not.. Makes it more predictable with it on

    • suppose to leave .5mm-1.5mm gap between the rocker arm and the decompression shaft mine works perfectly and is very nice to have at times

    • Back when I had my 85 and 86, the 85 always kicked over harrrder, even after I rebuilt both of them. The 85 I had to jump on to start it, and I'm 220, the 86 not so much, neither had the decompression cable

    • I have a decompression cable on my 86 350x. Im 5"9 225lbs and I have to jump as hard as I can to kick mine over since its rebuild.