• Can anyone reassure me that Ade Whitnash is legit I ve just made a payment for...

    Can anyone reassure me that Ade Whitnash is legit I've just made a payment for camchain tensioners and now he's blocked me off Facebook TIA

    • I have CCT's from Ade Whitmarsh, everything is OK, you can buy from him, no worries.

    • It's cool mate, Ade is a top guy, if you want new gaskets pop down to your dealer, £2.50 each is what I paid, bought em just in case!

    • Thanks Guys for the positive feedback,I try to supply a quality item at a reasonable price.

    • Ade you don't try mate you do supply a British made quality product that is superb i have a mate who is an aircraft engineer at Manchester airport and even he said that they are a quality cct

    • Well I have been a engineer for 30 yrs,working in the aerospace industry, making parts for a well known air craft company.

    • We are all cool on here.

    • Haven't got round to fitting the ones Ade supplied me. Am doing so very soon. Might even order another set to put on the mantelpiece. Sexy bit of work tbh.

    • mt dad is an engineer and was most impressed with the ones you supplied me, they work perfect and look great. cheers ade

    • Hes sound...honest n reliable n sells top quality items!

    • I have not used them on my vtr they where all ready fitted but bought one for my sons cbr600 race bike and are fantastic quality