Can anyone tell me I am looking into the Cobra floorboards Do these leave...


Can anyone tell me, I am looking into the Cobra floorboards. Do these leave enough room for the stock shifter to work? I can't see a separate listing for heel-toe shifter. Thanks a ton!

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  • The stock shifter will work fine if it is on a 750 Aero as I have them on my 2004.

  • Depends on your shoe size I am a 8 1/2 and works fine however if you were size 12 or bigger maybe a small problem but not much, if you want heel to toe shifter try Cruiser

  • Yes, 2007 750,

  • I have floorboards and when I first got my bike I tried to add a toe-heel shifter. Not enough clearance and I can't afford to buy the complete package so I gave up on it.