can i left the gear lever up to give more space. how

can i left the gear lever up to give more space? how?

  • might be 12mm CANT REMEMBER now

  • and don't forget about your footbrake lol tighten up a few turns at the rod on the rear right side of back tyre, I had to adjust this as when i pressed the brake it went lower than my footboards, behind the brake pedal is a small bolt which you can loosen to adjust the height of the pedal

  • bernbo is ace helped me out loads

  • it's not a honda but the principal is exactly the same

  • yes i watched that and will see if i can make it without messing anything

  • i ended up with everything on the floor haha i shit myself! it's quite daunting doing it yourself well it was for me, but quite easy looking back at it now haha

  • very promising :)

  • i think all Japanese and Chinese bikes have adjustable shifters, if you had a Harley you'd be stuffed! lol going to wash my mouth out now after saying Harley Davidson