Can I remove the sleeves off my stock shocks to expose the springs


Can I remove the sleeves off my stock shocks to expose the springs?

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  • @Chris - just order new shocks. How many miles are on your bike?

  • 37k

    Can you recommend any good coil? At fair price. And what size?

  • Yep - so, given your mileage, I would definitely recommend new shocks, and if you like exposed springs, you'll be in fine shape. You can either order Progressive 412 for a Kawasaki Mean Streak (direct bolt on) in either a 12 or 12.5" inch.

  • Do you ride mostly solo? If so, you can probably get the standard duty vs. heavy duty spring. If you are mostly 2-up, I'd get the heavy duty.

    They make a 12" - this would lower the back end about 3/4-1"...which I would then recommend putting in Progressive fork springs and lower the front at the same time. You will be amazed at the difference.

    If you want to stay at stock height - or within 1/4" - then order the 12.5" shocks. I'd still get Progressive fork springs too. It takes out nearly all of the nose dive on the front end during braking.

    Part Numbers:

    Progressive 12" Standard Duty 412 Shock: 412-4239C

    12" Heavy Duty 412 Shock: 412-4243C

    Progressive 12.5" Standard Duty 412 Shock: 412-4240C

    12.5" Heavy Duty Shock: 412-4244C

    Best pricing I've found was through Cycleplicity. px?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=10 0968NOFITMENT&utm_campaign=GSNOFITMENT&adtype=pla& kw=&utm_term=&adpos=1o1&network=g&gclid=CKHXiq-Zuc ACFVJo7Aod7B0ALw

  • Chris Lawrence, you can also fab up the egg top stock caps to these if you want. Let me know if you want info on that.