• Can i use any of these in my shadow

    Can i use any of these in my shadow ?!

    • Yes its all just animalfreeze

    • I run prestone green 50/50 bike has 42k no issue run the same on the valkryie

    • I Wanna know what coolant is the best for my Bike to

    • I am going with the prestone, better name

    • In my GM vehicles I flush dexcool and put green 50/50 never had issues

    • Drop a dash of seafoam in the overflow bottle to combate rust

    • I would freebase seafoam if I could lol

    • Bobby and Whitney way

    • Yup Whitney smoked her kneecaps off

    • I also put 2 tablespoons of the aluminum powder in the radiator

    • Prestone 50/50 that's what I used after flushing my radiator.