Can some one help me iv put a r g tail tidy on my bike and carnt wotk out the...

Can some one help me iv put a r&g tail tidy on my bike and carnt wotk out the wires to work the indicators feeling a bit thick. And also recomend me a decent wheel bearing for the back as myn has cracked ???

  • Original indicators of new ones? Won't hurt the bike to have it on and indicate left and just connect it like that if standard plug the greens in and then just have a play with the orange and blue but should be colour matched

  • Fitted one yesterday it's pretty easy. Just mix them up a certain colour goes in the two green holes and the other two are left and right

  • Black goes into green as that's the ground wires

  • Carnt get them flasking lol there isnt one youtube vidio

  • Led or normal bulbs

  • Don't need to change the resister for them to flash, just double check you've actually got the wire the correct way round

  • Led mate

  • Turn ignition on and turn left indicator on and try every possible way for the wites

  • You'll need a new flash relay if you haven't got one already

  • I have two with the set i am using them its blaggin my head i need to see a vidio

  • My led indicators come with resistors but that didn't help so I had to replace the relay to an led one

  • Ok chers mon