Can somebody tell me the differences between the 85 and 86 My first four...

Can somebody tell me the differences between the 85 and 86! My first four stroke

  • Tank scoops are different, gas tanks are 2 different colors of white, motor mount holes in the frame are different sizes, the rear shock knobs are different colors, ones gold ones black, the triple trees are different, the rims are different

  • There is like 50 differences. Lot of little things. Go to ter/workzone/86-350X.htm has all the differences between the 85 and 86 350x

  • Front caliper, clutch cable/routing

  • Gotta love em no matter what year!

  • Thanks! Im glad i got this x

  • Yes you do!!!

  • Welcome to the Club, You'll LOVE that 350X

  • Diff fenders 85 had a oil cooler prob 86 fixed it more ribs in fork boot on 86 diff graphics 85 had more top end than 86

  • 85/86 differences?

    1.) White plastics

    2.) 86 "shorter" tank fins

    3.) different front hub (black and notches for rim)

    4.) different front and rear rims

    5.) more ribs on the front fork boots (~30ish on 86, ~15 on 85)

    6.) different cosmetics on kill/HL switch

    7.) front steering stem bearings different

    8.) clutch cable routing (86 3 brackets on left side of motor, 85 clip on frame and one backet on right side)

    9.) helmet holder and decal on 86 right fork

    10.) black top triple on 86

    11.) header pipe on 86 has a extra mount for the heat guard

    12.) heat guard on 86 has 4 slots while a 85 has 3

    13.) the metal part on the shield has extra tab on 86 to go on the header more secure.

    14.) clutch cover plate arm pulls F B on 85, L-R on 86

    15.) updated oil pump pickup on the 86... suppose to have a better pick up

    16.) 86 head has better oil flow for the cam

    17.) decals different (on rear mud flap, no "side" decals on 86

    18.) 350X on 85 seat, ATC on 86 seat.

    19.) front sprocket cover has longer slots on 86 than the 85

    20.) carbs have some different stock jets, definitely the pilot jet.

    21.) kick starter shaft gear ratio changed between 85 and 86

    22.) cam chain adjusters different (86 is smaller, not sure if redesigned to assist with the clutch cable routing)

    23.) clutch cables themselves different. rubber notch on 86 to go in bracket, metal spring shielding on a 85

    24.) bottom triple tree on a 86 has a grey plastic "pinch pont" guard over the steering stops.

    25.) 85 rear shock has a black adjuster knob on the resevoir... the 86 knob is gold.

    26.) 3 or 4 generations of frames. The later 86 frames are the best. They have increased gusseting to help keep the frames snaping on the left side above the motor mount.

    27.) muffler mounting by grab bar... one bolts direct on, other has a "post" it slides over. Forget which year is which... forgive me?

    28.) rear axle bearing carrier is different. 85 has the spanner wrench on, 86 has a place to adjust by plugging wrench in and pulling back with the wrench.

    29.) rear sprocket --- cause of the different carrier being wider on the 86, the 86 rear sprocket is bevelled to make the bolt flush with the sprocket

    30.) obviously, the sprocket mounting bolts are different too.

    31.) rear brake calipar mounting brackets are different. '85 has a multi link system that mounts halfway up the swinger. 86 has like a cam thing that's sandwiches in there.

    32.) swinger's are different due to the brake brack there forementioned.

    33.) rear hubs are a little different too... mainly color. Black 86, Grey 85.

    34.) lug nuts are beveled on 86 for the center cast rims, regular on 85.

    35.) 85 tank fins have an extra bracket behind the fins that hold them "out" (86 solved the fin hitting the front forks via #2 change above)

    36.) tools... 85 has the spanner wrench for #28

    37.) tool boxes are different. 86 is larger and has a flat end. It has a compartment for the owner's manual.

    38.) tool box mounting brackets are different too.

    39.) 86 rear plastic has "No Passengers" and "warnings info" molded into the plastic. Not sure if this was on the original shipments of the 86 models, or on later moldings of replacement OEM fenders.

    40.) tank warning decals different

    41.) red HONDA on 85 tank decals, white HONDA on 86. Seems like the feathers in the wings are different orientation too.

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