• Can someone help me with best sprocket set up. Thanks

    Can someone help me with best sprocket set up? Thanks

    • 15/35 for normal top speed and acceleration or 14/35 for a lot more acceleration but less top end and the gears are much shorter, 15/34 is standard

    • Currently I can sit comfortably at about 65mph. Unsure of sprocket sizes although they're not standard..

    • Got 14/34. I don't use motorways or any roads above 50mph very often so it's spot on for me

    • I use motorways the odd time and do some offroading so I'm trying to get a happy medium.. lol

    • I ran a 14/37 against a stock 15/34, there was sod all in it expect I saw 75 and the other one 72 on the clocks lol

    • So there's not much difference in any setup?

    • Also meant to ask what the part numbers are if anyone knows for the 15/35 sprockets and 14? Thanks

    • http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4011 69551390

      Or just type in eBay msx sprocket

    • Www.thesicshop.com has all sizes