Can someone help with an issue my buddy is having with his bike


Can someone help with an issue my buddy is having with his bike?

2002 Honda Shadow 1100 Spirit.

How are the ignition wires ran? Does the left coil run both left plugs or does it run the rear cylinder? We are chasing down an issue with it missing and bogging (already had carbs rebuilt completely). The diagrams that show the ignition system aren't clear whether the left coil goes to the left side and the right coil goes to the right side, or if the left goes to the rear cyl and the right goes to the front cyl.

It's a used bike and we are trying to see if someone put it together wrong previously. It needs a new coil and wire to begin with because one of the coils had a corroded pin that was shorting out one wire.

Before we took everything apart, the bike ran with the right side wires hooked up and left side off, but would not run with the left side on and right side unplugged.


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  • I think we may have fixed it. They were running left to left and right to right rather than left to rear and right to front. We could pull one wire per side and kill it but now it only lowers the idle speed slightly. Put it back together, adjusted idle screw, and he's taking it for a test drive. The coil pin we thought was broken was just a little dirty and slightly blunted for some reason.

    He's test riding it now to see if it's fixed.

  • He said it's 100x better now. That was the issue.

  • Very nice. So your wires were crossed?

  • Do you have a pic of the coils and where they are on the 1100? I'm pretty sure they're under the tank but I can't pull it right now cause my arm.

  • Yes. So only 1 plug on each cylinder was firing at the correct time and once RPM picked up to 2,000+ the other plug firing at the wrong time was causing issues.

  • You'll need to pull the tank for sure and take the plastic wire holder box off too. The coil on the left should have both wires running to the rear cylinder. The coil on the right should have wires running to the front cylinder. This would only be an issue if your bike has been worked on by someone before you. Chances are this bike was taken apart by a previous owner that wasn't paying attention.

  • OK so left is rear, right is front. Cool. Thanks man