Can someone shed light on this please I understand why there s dates on AM and...


Can someone shed light on this please I understand why there's dates on AM and B for learning cbt and Driving lessons but why would A have dates in it too. Risking looking stupid why are the dates so high thought cbt was only 2 years

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    Section 10 is the dates I did tests car/bike, I have no idea why my AM is 2013.........

    I agree the category thing on the licence is very miss leading but I know if you get caught driving/riding something you ain't got a valid licence for you will know about it when the police catch up with ya.

  • Aslong as it's normal haha

  • There is a guy who rides in my area on a big bike with L-plates. It always confuses the fuck out of me

  • Does he realise his insurance is technically invalid as he has not past his test for the size bike he has. If he gets caught he will be done for no insurance and no insurance is a straight 6 points so if your new to the road that's your licence gone.

  • Just curious what it's there for, only thing that makes sense is it gives you permission for all bikes when supervised like when your doing your full test and just stick it on A line even if your younger because it covers all bikes

  • go on the link and put your information in and it will tell you what you are able to drive and ride

  • Thanks I'll have to do that when I get in for the details

  • It just means you are old enough to provisionally ride on that license i.e. do your full test

  • I went on that earlier. It still does not clarify what is provisional and what isn't

  • It's an entitlement subject to relivent tests, if you do your full licence you still need to do a CBT, A1, A2 tests

  • Pretty sure last time I went on it it tells you which vehicles bikes you can provisional drive/ride and in the comments box next to it it will say restricted with a code

  • So pritty much can only ride what you have a licence for despite what the licence states as the colour/type of licence is what counts now it all makes sense lol took some one to dysphoria their mumbo jumbo lol

  • Right these are a bit confusing answer and I'll try to simple it, Your driving license is separate to your CBt. The driving license allows you to ride multiple restrictions, For example, Full License holders before 2001 can ride moped provisionally with a CBt, The AM and A on your license are the class of you so AM 50cc> A 125>. The high dates is when you have to hand your license in to the DVLA. Section 10 is when the class becomes valid so for example you have just got your license and it says AM 1.3.17 this tells you that from The first of March 2017 you will be able to ride mopeds. Does this make sense?

  • Some people just don't have any common sense

  • When I checked mine it gave exactly the same info as the back of my licence, unless the categories that I thought was provisional on my licence ain't.......

  • If you have a full car licence, it don't make it a full bike licence, so I wouldn't go by colour of licence unless it's a provisional for car and bike (my 1st licence job)

  • No im on L's bud but makes sense now cheers dude

  • Nope..... is I did my full "A" bike test in 2004 but my "AM" is from 2013

  • I think when the new licenses came into play from 2013 that entitled you to ride moped unless you already have a full bikelicensd

  • Yer, it's because it can be full entitlement in one category and provisional in another but it's all subject to the appropriate test being passed

  • For another reference my dad passed in 94

  • Yeah your dad's is the same as mine except he has PCV entitlement.

  • Just a provisional entitlement guys