Can someone tell me whats up with this its just started doing this And now...


Can someone tell me whats up with this its just started doing this. And now, this has happened 3 times: when i pull off it will seem to bogg down but then when i let off it stops and i can then go full throttle and speed up but at first it spits and i kinda have to let off at first.

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  • You're over jet. Check the color on your spark plug to verify

  • What do you mean color?

  • think i know the problem. Im in the middle of trying something now.

  • Nvm keeps sputtering when i give it throttle and trys to cut off idk honestly whats wrong with it. thought maybe bad gas but i havent changed the gas recently same gas for a week or so havent been riding a whole lot.

  • Color on the plug looks good to me.

  • Its like sputtering and wanting to cut off now

  • Could be the cdi or the coil. It's either air, fuel, or spark.

  • Yeah im a newbie man i dont even know the first step to go. You say cdi or the coil, i say i have no idea what im looking im lucky i found the spark plug common sense kicked in. i understand either air fuel or spark but i havent changed my air system i topped the gas tank off with gas i always use from gas can at home. And you say my spark plug looks good?

  • Drain a bit of gas in to a glass container. Look for water

  • Figured id drain gas allthe way new fuel filter just cause it was 3 dollars and see what happens if not that it may be my carb. Itself