• Can t get my head around these twins Locked the rear uo going into the same...

    Can't get my head around these twins. Locked the rear uo going into the same roundabout twice now by going into 1st.

    • Well I think it's the easiest bike I've ever rode, and so much fun

    • And ride the back brake on tight corners

    • Engine breaking at its best

    • Fuck, guys, I didn't intentionally use 1st gear, the point I was trying to make was that I went into 1st without realising as I'm used to a higher revving 4 cylinder sports bike.

    • You can get gear indicators for about £100, might be a good investment

    • I won't be spending money on it, just wanted to try a twin for a year

    • Calm, breath. The bike takes a bit of getting used to, but once you've got into it you'll love it.

    • Slipper clutch will also help but expensive

    • As Dale Llewellyn said, no point spending money on her. Nothing can substitute time in the saddle. Twins are a big difference from inline 4s. Just be aware slaming down into first will send you into a slide.. react and chop the throttle and you will be buckaroo'd off.... onviously worst case and extreme scenarios ;)

    • First is only good for pulling off ... I've never been through a roundabout in less than 2nd.... No need with all that grunt on tap! Engine braking is fantastic too... V-twin this size is always going to be a rougher ride than an inline 4 .... But then who doesn't need a little excitement!

    • As above, was not intentional.

    • Of course matey, we've all done it.... There's a few different schools of though on here about shift indicators too! Personally I don't think they're such a bad idea! Relatively inexpensive and not too difficult to fit!.... Groin guard might be a good shout to prevent injury caused by the engine brake though!

    • Had one as standard on my 2007 GSXR 750, the only time i looked at that though was to check that I was in top gear.

    • You should try running in an engine fitted with high compression pistons in ice and snow....

      Sigma do a nice slipper clutch if it really troubles you, sounds nice with a loud pipe.

      Mmmm, pipe and slippers......

    • It's my first big twin after years on IL4's. I ALWAYS blip the throttle on downshifts, and to be honest doing that means there's no difference between bikes! It's a skill well worth learning, and it's much cheaper than a slipper clutch!