Can t get on with these new mirrors Way too much vibration How are you...


Can't get on with these new mirrors. Way too much vibration. How are you getting on with yours Tudor, Jonathan? Jon do yours vibrate this much?

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  • Can see movement in this video but not the vibration so much. Even at slow speeds they are shaking all over the place.

  • I'm fine with mine love them in traffic and they are enough for normal use can see in them pretty well do vibrate a bit but I want to look into how you can stop it

  • I know I wanna change them but the way they can flick in and out is the only reason I have kept them so far but I'm still looking for mirrors that can flick in and out like these, preferable CNC ones

  • After a while I got used to it they look nice , they work well as mirrors (even though they vibrate) and they are godly for filtering, I wonder if there is a way to make the top parts solid because I think they vibrate from the metal adjusting nub

  • I think that may work Danny seeing as these screw straight into he holes and not in the old adapters

  • They work well on my last set of mirrors there like mini shock absorbers

  • Black version here. Costs an extra fiver as from Germany. n-absorber-2-pcs/10028896

  • You getting them Karl?

  • Yes, just ordered.

  • I'm tempted, but I kinda wanna see what your opinion is :L

  • Haha, I'm the guinea pig

  • I prefer guinea pig :P

  • Nice I want to hear the results :)

  • I shall be awaiting the results too haha

  • All relying on you now Karl :P

  • I'm keeping quiet. Hahahahahaha

  • Might look into getting the R&G bar ends, might help the wobbles :)

  • "your parcel was handed over on 12.10.2015 at 15:50 o'clock to the

    DHL(PO) and left our house." :)

  • That was quick O_o

  • that;s just their German english. ;) Means they've been picked up by DHL.

  • Oh... Well... Back to waiting!

  • Cant wait for the result I do love these mirrors just have a fair bit of vibration

  • Same, depending on how Karl gets on, I'm going to order some bar ends aswell should work me thinks :)

  • I think you guys should chip in to the R&D fund. Call it a fiver each. ;)

  • Papa needs some new crash protectors! :P

  • gone from Hamburg to Cologne so far.

  • They make no difference. :( Seems to be the ball joint that's causing the vibration

  • I got used to mine and it feels like they don't vibrate anymore :')

  • I honestley think it's just getting used to them

  • It is the ball joint Karl I don't like them, they are to useful but there's no point of having mirrors if all you can see is a blur, epically at night...

  • embarassing sitting at the lights with the mirrors shaking like mad

  • I wouldn't say embarrassing... But annoying yes, can't wheelie in confidence knowing there's not a copper behind me :L