Can t start my postie Was running perfectly but now won t start Possibly due...

Can't start my postie. Was running perfectly but now won't start. Possibly due to fuel that was no good. Checked Carby jets and were clear.. Any other ideas as to what I should try ? Thanks for your help !!

  • 3 fundamentals, air , spark , fuel

  • The fire triangle

  • Key on, kill switch on, fuel tap on? Fuel level low, try fuel tap on res

  • Off on key plays up

  • To eliminate the issue that Peter describes... remove the cowling cover and unplug the Black/White wire from the key barrel, do the same with the Black/White wire in the headlamp enclosure,

    You have now eliminated either one of those killing your spark if that was the case.

    Be sure to reconnect them or otherwise people will be able to steal your bike!

  • Thanks everyone . Will check all those things and see where things are at !

  • Hold the plug against the exhaust and give it a kick will tell you if you have spark before you pull everything apart

  • Roll starts work for me sometimes

  • spray some carb cleaner in carb

  • Seen this before

  • Got it running. Turns out wasps had created a nest in the exhaust and was completely blocked !


  • I would have set fire to the bike and walked off.