Can t wait to pick up this tomorrow

Can't wait to pick up this tomorrow.

  • Teamwhite!

  • Hope the sun shine for you be careful on the new tyres bro

  • Thanks I'll take it easy

  • Team white

  • Of it has vee rubber tyres change them straight away it is a must

  • Stupid question but why? (First bike am nearly clueless)

  • There is more plastic content in the tyres than rubber this means they are harder to warm up which means less grip especially in the wet hence why so many people have been coming off in the wet. I recomend City Grips they will cost about £120 fitted and will grip pretty well in even wet conditions

  • Ok cool will keep that in mind come pay day. Thanks for the info

  • #teamwhite are you going on Sunday?

  • Going where?

  • I find Michelin's very grippy too

  • Hey Vicky welcome to #TeamWhite I'm also from Crawley and theres a few others near.

  • London ace cafe msx meet tomorrow

  • Nice colour choice... decent surname as well

  • It would take a while for me I'm in Blackpool lol

  • Leave now... we'll see you in the morning

  • Might give this 1 a miss this time