Can thse work with the stock cables

  • yeah they are but the other one seems ok.. i have the welded risers 750 2005..not sure about their length

  • the only concern i have if this will need to change the cables or not

  • Here is what I used for my bike. It's a 2004 Shadow Aero 750. t/500-939 t/5000892

    {#link :Rwk0z1B0V2b0WPD0Ewe0MIH0pti0AiM0Sj40Zme0#}

  • todd u use stock cables?

  • I had the same question Todd Van I have the 1100 and I just don't think my cables will make it that far but I could be wrong too

  • Yes I used the stock cables. I have enough cable ledt I could probably get another inch or 2 if I tried.