• Can u still push start a bike with a dead battery

    Can u still push start a bike with a dead battery?

    • It is easier and not such a sudden jerk if you put it in second gear add little choke roll down hill and pop the clutch bingo

    • Yes have done it myself on level ground. Not a problem if you are strong enough to push the bike.

    • Yes. I've had to do it a couple times.

    • As long if it's not fuel injection but I don't think any shadows are

    • My old triumph needed a bump start many times I agree second gear is good.

    • When I do mine, I pull the choke out a little, then pop it into second gear. Starts right up.

    • The newer Shadows are efi....

    • My 2011 aero is fuel injected. I guess mine would not push start if I had a dead battery.

    • That's correct...

    • strange.. I do push start for my car and it's injection