• cannot believe rochdale honda booked bike in for service next friday I...

    cannot believe rochdale honda... booked bike in for service next friday. I thought id ask how much a new chain and sprocket kit would cost... £100 fitted robbing t**ts.. think ill just buy one off ebay... anybody in the manchester area fancy giving me a hand fitting one?

    • ahh mate its fine if its got a split link just make sure the part which isnt split faces the way your chain is going!!

    • Kind of breaks down to do it yourself or pay like Manuel said they have to eat and average labour is about £30-40+ a hour, now you could do this job yourself with a chain splitter a few sockets and a paddock stand which I improvise by putting it on old paint cans (the bike is a piece of piss to lift but I would suggest investing in a stand) and do it yourself and learn a bit more about the bike there are hundreds of tutorials on youtube, the set of chain and sprockets is about £40 on ebay for a nice AFAM or DID with steel sprockets. If you don't want to do it yourself there must be a few independent motorcycle mechanics that would do it for about £35 quid if you bring them the parts so you are looking at minimum £75 all in if you get it done by somebody else. IMO its worth doing yourself and the independent guys are usually much more trustworthy and passionate about doing your bike right than honda techs, no offence meant to anyone who works there but from personal experience I wouldn't trust the Honda dealership near me to do anything on my bike after so many fuck ups.

    • Really Tudor Toma I always thought it was best to go with Honda because it's all official, would it affect the warranty thing if you went somewhere else or is it as long as the bike is serviced and the book is stamped it doesn't matter where you go

    • Kp For services to be approved for warranty they have to be from either stamped by an approved honda garage or dealer from my understanding. However the waranty isn't really worth that much in my eyes have seen three examples one being Gavin's big end bearing blowing at like 15k miles and being put down to 'fair wear and tare' and to a few other friends who have been shafted out of their warranty services, on top of that the dealership near me the service seem to just not care about customers bikes. My exhaust was scratched during the fuel pump recall, the fuel gauge did not work after the recall a friends bike was overfilled by about 500ml with oil and spark plugs not changed and chain way over tightened in a service. I like having the piece of mind that I know what has been done or it is done by somebody that I genuinely trust. The last point being the price of the servicing I am sitting at about 13k miles at the moment, I was quoted £290 for the 7500 service, £160 for every 2500 so in total so far I would have spent at least £900 in just servicing thats more than half what I paid for the bike, so is it really worth it?

    • Wow that's a lot Tudor Toma I've never paid more than £100, the highest being £100 and that was with the fuel pump recall, and is the fuel pump near the exhaust (logically not where I thought it would be lol) just trynna work out how they managed to scratch your exhaust doing the recall but the rest of the stories make me feel lucky I haven't had any problems after services, the only weird thing I had was after the recall service about a couple of days to a week after so maybe 50 miles after i was going down the road at about 35 pulled in the clutch and started braking as I was coming up to a red light and the bike just randomly cut out but it hasn't done it since so I just put it down to the bike getting used to the new fuel pump oh and they completely changed the butting point of my clutch and that was annoying too

    • What do they actually do in the services and is it the same for each service because now I'm feeling to just not service my bike and do it all myself but I have a massively basic mechanical knowledge lol

    • Kp service should be, oil change, spark plug when it needs it, valve inspection/adjustment, chain tighten and lube and inspect the working of the bike. Only exception is the 7500 which is the oil spinner and screen and a 2 gaskets and when it needs a new air filter.

    • Hmmm, maybe have to talk to my mate about it, just to prove how basic my knowledge is, what valves are being checked lol think I good YouTube sesh might be needed now lol

    • Better off going all out and getting the 428 conversion I recon.. that's what I'm gunna doo next time !

    • Easy to fit not hard