Carb or fuel injection

Carb or fuel injection?

  • carb.easy to work on and 100x cheeper to fix.

  • I'm with u. Some people think there quads worth way way more Cuz it's injected.

  • i wouldnt buy one.$800+ computer,fuel pump,injectors,needing to have reprogrammed all the time because injectors wear and it need re calobrated,etc.

  • I'm old school and love carbs but EFI is easier to tune

  • If money is no object I prefer the way the efi quads run ,and they don't stall like the carb quads do if your on and off the gas alot in the turns. But I'm a twostroke guy so my riding style is better suited for a efi fourstroke. I did ride a carb equipped ltr with a rekluse clutch setup and i liked it alot. For mx racing i feel it's a must for either a rekluse or efi for a fourstroke i.m.o