Carbon fibre rear hugger purchased Should be here Friday 100 NZ What do...

Carbon fibre rear hugger purchased. Should be here Friday. $100 NZ. What do they cost in UK or Europe?

  • There was a guy selling MCCT's here in NZ on They aren't Kreiger ones tho. I just checked his account but he has no current listings.

  • hi mate thanks for the link I will take a look

  • Looks like the price is per MCCT so that's like $360 NZ for the pair... And that doesn't include he gasket. Probably best to buy directly off Kreiger in the US.

  • ah yes....did see that and yes its for 1 now thats a profit. I can fly to the states and pick them up for the same price...Thanks again for the link but I might go direct.:)

  • Have a word with Rob de Hoo guys well worth a chat :-)

  • Hi Gary, yes I have spoken to Rob and he was very helpful and gave me Mark K details. I was just looking to see if we can get them sooner here in OZ...weekends are only so long :) Thanks

  • runs a company called in Holland

  • ah ok John no probs :-)

  • As mentioned before i only sell the Krieger cct's within Europe as agreed with Mark. I buy mixed cct quantities , not only for VTR, to reduce the shippingcosts and sell incl vat. So people who buy from me within EU do not have extra taxes and so and shipping within EU is faster.In this way Mark and I cover the world better, that's the thought about it !