Carrying an almax chain. anyone figured out a good way to carry one on a Grom


Carrying an almax chain....anyone figured out a good way to carry one on a Grom? I have a 1.5m series 3

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  • Round your neck like Mr T. You find most people just use them in garages and sheds because of the weight and no one wants to be Carry one on their bikes. I have two series 3 2m and would never carry them on my bike. You could buy the 16mm Almax, that would be much better for carrying on a motorbike.

  • I'd like the option for occasional use when parking it somewhere dodgy.

  • Me too.

  • You have got the 16mm but still a very heavy chain at the best of times

  • Jake uses a bag on the back of his seat / luggage rack to carry. Not sure which almax he has.

  • the best way is backpack, luggage rack, back seat bag, tank bag but make sure it's really secure fastened up

  • Nice, thanks....will carry on looking for a nice little bag that will fit on the seat

  • I have the series 3 and use a bag on the back of the grom , I did put it in my backpack for a while but is too heavy

  • Jake do you have any pics of that bag on the grom? What size almax chain fits in there? Thanks

  • I have a 1.5 m series 3 and it fits perfect in the bag I don't have pics right now but can get one tomorrow

  • Does it sit on the seat or do you have a rack? Same chain as me so looks perfect

  • I have a rack but its fine on just the seat too

  • I bought a 5-7litre expandable bag that sits on back seat. Can coil up 1.5 metre almax chain and put padlock in just without expanding to 7 litre. It's is lot of weight to put over your shoulder and by your neck and dangerous if have accident.

  • Ah nice. Thanks! Last question about this...if you had a top box on the rack (which I will) do you think that bag would sit upright, strapped around seat and maybe around top box. You possibly think that's mental but the times when I will need to carry the lock will also be times I'd like to have the top box free for shopping.

  • Yeah it would the strap is very long on the bag

  • Well that's that sorted then! Thanks