• CB CL450 points cover. New. NOS. Rare

    CB/CL450 points cover. New. NOS. Rare!

    Price 40$ plus shipping or offer.

    • I will take it! And pay shipping from wherever you are to me in Australia.

    • See ptivate message.

    • Nothing there - I have sent you one Jens

    • Yay - mine!

    • Now to find some Hookers ...

    • going full-gangster Cliff?

    • On the next one - you bet!

    • Just need to talk Paul Guglielmin into parting with some pipes ...

    • Sold to Australia.

    • I was thinking of combining the Egli frame design with a hard tail...

    • ... and putting a dustbin fairing on the front.

    • Way to jump on it Cliff Overton! I'm going to have to start checking the computer in the middle of the night.

    • A bunch of e bay junkies

    • where goes the coffee machine?

    • Middle of the day here