Changing bearings how do I get it out of the A arms I ve beat the hell out of...

Changing bearings how do I get it out of the A-arms? I've beat the hell out of it it won't budge or is there a different way to change them?

  • Take the knuckle out. There's a snap ring in there holding the bearing.

  • Oh nvm you can't get the knuckle out. Lol my bad. Get a Jack and Jack the knuckle up. Then put a block of wood on the lower a arm and hit the wood with a hammer. Make sure you got the nut off the ball joint thoufj

  • Or go to auto parts store and get a ball joint separator for a few bucks and 3 hits with a hammer it's off. Vs fucking with it for hrs

  • Hook shock back up that way it holds the upper a arm then knock the hell outa it

  • Do the bottom first then the top

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  • Bigger hammer... Get the bottom first, I hit the a arm on the back side as close to the ball joint as possible. A couple hits and it should come loose (with that shock bolt back in). Top one is easy, just hit the knuckle where the ball joint goes through while holding some down pressure and it should come loose.