Cheap slip ons


Cheap slip ons?

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  • Remove standard. Done

  • black widow

  • Too loud and illegal :/ I would if it wasn't so obnoxious

  • How much?

  • 185

  • I did for 7000 miles

  • I've got a stainless header and it so much louder than stock plus work won't like it

  • Slip on keeps the worst bit of the exhaust, it's just for noise nothing else.

    How cheap? If you accept there's duty to pay, the k factory full system from webike is still a great price.

  • Not a fan of tax :) I'll probably just get a akrapovic

  • I look at it same as eBay postage fees. Add it up and decide if the total is still good. Akra is nice but you said cheap.

  • Yeah either cheap slip on below 100 or go big on full exhaust

  • If you go big your only buy once go £100 your buy several

  • Take a look at Leo Vince too. All the quality of Akra but not quite as wallet-shattering.