Checked oil Found white milky substance on dipstick Putting it down to...

Checked oil. Found white milky substance on dipstick. Putting it down to infrequent use, 510 miles in 5 months, but will get it checked out. Anyone had a similar experience, please? As said before, not ridden frequently and stored outside. Cheers. Sam.

  • It's fine take it on a long ride should clear it up

  • Take it on a good ride and check again

  • That's what I thought. Burn off and purge the moisture.

  • Take the oil breather off the airbox side feed it to the back of the engine like I have done and it stops all that milky shit

  • usually a sign of water in the oil, should clear after getting it up to temperature for a while

  • It'll only be condensation I personally wouldn't take the breather completely away

  • Nah I didn't take it completely away

  • Disconnected from airbox side and placed somewhere else

  • It's perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about :P

  • Doing my first oil change. At 120 miles and 21 months old grom. Checked oil dip stick last week. All looked fine. Took dip stick off today and see some milky stuff. Albeit I went out for a short trip to Honda to get oil. This defo condensation and have nothing to worry about?

  • Yea it's fine