Christophe Gallant shared a link to the group: Honda 350x.


  • I dont know to post a link i just watched its even the same building

  • Well I guess he tried putting them out in the open but he dont really want to get rid of them but he said he will cut me deal since I been buying parts from him thats been sitting in the factory since 85-86

  • Id love to have that beast

  • Be careful because you are about to be scammed!! I know alot about this R in the crate and it was on eBay for major $$. Buster sold it to help his family out. If this guy your getting it from wants $ before you get anything just beware!! I'm not saying your friend is a bad dude but these pics are stolen from another spot. Get on 3ww and do some research please. If you are just looking to donate that kind of cash I can help you out there and there won't be any hard feelings. Just trying to look out for a fellow triker

  • Thats what i was saying Dave Swinger the you tube video is just clips of these pics with ac\dc music playing. The video is old to, but these are definatly the pics from the video. I just watched it again to make certian

  • I agree with everything Dave is saying, I've seen the exact same R and it is going for more than 45g. Looks like your getting scammed.

  • I just dont want you to send someone 5 grand for nothing. Got to look out for fellow trikers. I hate to see anyone get ripped off.

  • Naw im going to meet up with him myself and look at it before buy if I cant look I aint buying.

  • That box is on YouTube dude the guy selling it on eBay hasn't had the reserve met yet and bids reached 50,000$

  • Well idk all I no is he is still working down at honda part time and hes a lawyer and I been buying brand new parts from him for cheap like I bought a 350x fuel tank been sitting up in the warehouse since 1985 never mounted still in box I bought it for $125 and sold it for $450 so I no he legit.