• I need a stronger fuel pump for my 150 gy6. Any recommendations — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

    I need a stronger fuel pump for my 150 gy6. Any recommendations?


    2015 mad dog — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

    2015 modded maddog - $3000(Salt lake city)

    condition: good

    engine displacement (CC): 150

    fuel: gas

    paint color: purple

    title status: clean

    transmission: automatic

    Looking to trade my 150cc icebear Maddog (Honda ruckus clone) has very low miles lots of new aftermarket parts on it or included

    Mods are as followed

    Trike front end mod (2" lower)

    New rear shock

    Single swimgarm mod

    New rear axle

    Led turn signals

    Led headlight

    Integrated rear tail light (zx6r)

    New handle bars and grips

    New controls included

    Monstergy6 exhaust with akrapovic muffler

    New tires

    Needs new battery box cracked last summer and new parts installed

    New clutch bell roller weights etc.


    2012 Honda Ruckus Gy6 — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

    Check out the totally kewl 2012 Honda ruckus with a gy6 swap/modded. Ncy throttle straight handle bars. LED head lights. Swapped out tail lights adjustable rear shock. Rear can fit a fatter tire. New rear tire with less than 100 miles on it. New replacement front rim. I think the one on it's bent. New battery. Forks have new seals. Come with some stock and after market parts. Also a extra gy6 motor for you to build! Custom paint. Mods were do t by previous owner I did some little up grades but mostly rode it. Awesome begginer bike/cruise around town or maybe at the beach or to hangout with your fellow ruckus buddies. Lost interest in this looking to seek or trade for a grom. Text or email me if interested 484 seven five two 2679 clean title in hand


    Why do guys in the ruck sale groups price their shit like it s a rare relic... — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

    Why do guys in the ruck sale groups price their shit like it's a rare relic once owned by king tut? in fact they treat their used, beat up, shit like came from king tuts golden thrown in which his ass sat.. I see parts they are selling that you can get new for half the cost and other parts that china has done a great job of copying and sell for 1/3 the cost. I think some ruck guys elitism has got to there head. BRO ITS STILL A SCOOTER I don't care what brand name it is...


    Photos from Jeff Klemp's post — Chuckus Life (Honda Ruckus Clone)(Maddog)

    Timing chain went out on a buddies scoot today. He came to me and i checked it out crank seals leaking, cracked intake boot, and timing chain is streched out and came off the cam and bound up inside around the crank. So i sold him a parts motor and im about finished with the swap even had to change the axle on the parts motor because the bearing spun and ate the axel. All this for $125 cash and a nice set of 13in aluminum rims and 63mm top end for my chuck thats a score in my book all parts are new. Now i need to bore a case for that bbk buddy