Cleaning and lubing the chain today. Any opinions about this product

Cleaning and lubing the chain today. Any opinions about this product?

  • On my tu250x. I have used this stuff. And the dealership told me it's a bad idea but trying to up-sell me on something that was very similar but a product of a carry in shop.

  • I still have a can of it lying around when I used it I encountered no issues but I noticed it likes to attract sand and dust

  • WOW suppose to repel that :-( hell, this was almost 7 bucks.

  • A bit pricier but worth every penny for this

  • The manual says to clean and lube every 500 miles, do you guys do that?

  • Where did you buy that?

  • Local motorcycle shop. Also pick up one of these

  • Yeah I have one of those.

  • I personally do every 300 miles but the amount changes based on things like road condition and whether or not you park covered.

  • My chain is so over due it's embarrassing. :-(

  • As long as there is no rust on the inside links it should be fine

  • I use spray grease and clean it every couple of days. I've managed like that for years.

  • Liquid kerosene also works wonders for removing grease

  • I use this and have for years and the can is huge !

  • Thanks, the Honda techs recommended WD40. Used it last time and worked pretty good.

  • Liquid vs vapor kerosene? Just kidding you

  • Thanks guys. I picked up the Dupont stuff yesterday and needed to know if you'll have used it. Reviews suggest it's good but this IS the interwebs, after all.

  • Since I have been so negligent I plan to step it up and will try the other products you suggested.

  • I use the DuPont....very good stuff.

  • Done deal. I like The chain looks sparkly. Jim Jill Wilm. This is a suppose to be self cleaning product. My chain was so goopy (1300 miles - so embarrassing) I had to clean it first with WD40. Do you?

  • No..I don't let my chain get goopy.

  • So you use this as a self cleaner and a lube?

  • I find that aerosol wax despite however much engineering they put into it still is a dust magnet

  • I use WD40 on mine . But after doing some research I'm switching to liquid wrench . long as I keep the links and rollers wet the chain will last longer . but for to replace the front sprocket soon . but as of today it'll sit till the right side complete exhaust is replaced . we're not in NO hurry to fix it .