Cleaning out the gas tank for my buddy s nighthawk


Cleaning out the gas tank for my buddy's nighthawk

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  • Tank cleaned out great by the way! Back story, my friend bought this bike last summer (85 nighthawk 650) trouble is it had been wrecked and sat 15+ years, long story short the worst part of the bike was the fuel tank full of rust. Last year we did a quick clean out to get the bike on the road, but that came back to bite us in the form of more rust! Anyways 30 pieces of assorted nuts/bolts and a gallon of white vinegar in the tank, wrapped in a few towels around to protect it and strapped to that wheel and tumbled for an hour. Drained vinegar, rinsed tank then power washed out. Neutralized acid with baking soda/water mix, did a few final rinses with water, used suction gun to get the last of the water out, put a half gallon of gas in and about a half quart of 2 stroke oil to coat up the inside to prevent rust till it gets a full tank in it. Going to try stabil "360 protection" additive to keep the tank rust free.

  • That's a pretty good idea...

  • It worked very well, and there were no harsh chemicals used, and it only cost about $4 for the vinegar and baking soda so it was quite cost effective.

  • Just like a rock tumbler when I was kid

  • Yeah same theory, we were looking on youtube for the best ways to break up the rust since it's not easy to access the inside of the tank. Ended up watching a video where a guy strapped a tank to the wheel on his 4 wheeler. We didn't have a 4 wheeler, but I think this was a good alternative :)

  • Wish I had a backhoe I have that booger put to work

  • seen someone put it in a dryer also

  • wrapped up real good

  • I don't think the dryer idea would have flown with him. He'd be too paranoid of it getting dented. That's the only reason we were cleaning the inside out was because the outside is pretty much mint condition besides one scratch.