Clear lenses or Yellow Buying a pair or riding glasses for night and evening...


Clear lenses or Yellow???? Buying a pair or riding glasses for night and evening riding and want to know what is better. Opinions please.

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  • I was gunna go with yellow but thought it would throw off the colors of the stop light and brake lights

  • Yellow for night

  • Nah. Yellow will not mess up the colors enough for you to notice consciously. After wearing the yellow ones for a bit of riding, taking them off is the weird part. The world looks a bit...bland...without them.

  • Yellow makes your night vision so much more clear. They're amazing.

  • Yellow I wear them all the time

  • I got a 3 pack on amazon for $15 all 3 tints and I like the amber at night hands down oke-Yellow/dp/B002UJVNFA

  • i agree with everyone. Just know it will take some getting use to if you've never wore yellow lens while riding.

  • Yellow

  • yellow

  • Clear is for night yellow is for cloudy days... rainy days... yellow is awesome will brighten everything up. Not difficult to get use to. You will be thankful for having them. Royal Distributing sells them for $10.00