Clocks will be up for Sale Soon Still working on the Design What do you think...

Clocks will be up for Sale Soon. Still working on the Design. What do you think, should it have Numbers or not? Or Lines instead of Numbers?

  • Like to see a design just showing the headlight and writing also.just headlight with cowl with choice of the 4 colours.

  • Sure. I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks for the idea

  • Sorta like this i just done quickly.

  • You mean the cowl in 4 difference colours don't you?

  • Yup

  • Green for reference but as a colour design rather than a photo

  • Is that a Grom magazine, Wtf do you find that? I've been sitting in WHSmith for hours.

  • Lol sold in japan only i found it on an instagram pic