• Clutch holderer

    Clutch holderer...

    Worked a treat!

    • Might work a treat for now but will end up breaking something from the pressure applied. There is the right tool for the right job

    • What tool do people normally use?

    • Something from a gooses bridle. Someone once told me

    • There is a specific tool to hold clutch

    • Something along the lines of these

    • Use a car oil filter wrench. Works like a dream

    • I really doubt that it will damage anything, not a lot of pressure is needed to stop the drum from turning.

    • That was my plan but I couldn't find mine!

    • I am partial to this....because I made it https://www.ebay.com/itm/30172 9353946

    • A wingwong from a gooses bridle

    • Oh yeah that's the one

    • Lol