Cold start whith finbro 183cc kit plus finbro ecu


Cold start whith finbro 183cc kit plus finbro ecu.

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  • Literally the only downside to the Finbro ECM...the warmer it is out the less it does it though...still love it!

  • To fix the problem, just change the ECU. And you will be fine.

  • Why would I change it...?

  • If you dont whant have no more problems whith cold start. If that is not a problem to you just leave it whith FB ECU

  • Doesn't bother me at all, I've been running it for months and got used to it...just stating that it's the ONLY slight downside of the's minor ✌

  • Here is a cold contry, whith finbro ecm i would have to start the bike 1 hour hearlier just to manage to get the bike started to go to work. No sence at all.

  • just ned setting RPM

  • We tried to set the idle screw, no lucky at all. Changed the ecu, "voila"