Come on then boys and girls show us ya lids

Come on then boys and girls show us ya lids

  • Went for the boring old "I'm new to this" brand Box helmets - I fall off too much for a nicer one hahaha

  • ^ and the bumpy looking part is crystals and glitter xD

  • Love the hoodie modelling Dan! Where's this review on Gromlins for the Reevu then!?

  • I'm looking forward to the Reevu review on Gromlins.

  • I will when I get home, got moaned at today for using Gromlins too much lol

  • posted on it :) check out my write up :) a little author in the making :)

  • Yeah kbc got gold iridium visor coming soon :)

  • I know it's a bit far back but some one asked if it's illegal to ride with a a flip front when up, it's not illegal just not all helmets are tested to be used open.

    If anyone has any helmet questions I'm happy to answer :) I work in a bike shop so know a bit about different helmets and testing etc :)

  • Must have been bullshitted during my cbt. As was told this, but to be honest I tried to research it a bit online and couldn't find anything about it.