• Coming together nicely suspension delivered today from Hardracing excellent...

    Coming together nicely, suspension delivered today from Hardracing, excellent customer service highly recommended, cannot wait for spring...get it?

    • Which postage option did you go for and how long did it take

    • Ohlins is a European company, you should get taxed

    • But your buying from the USA

    • I have the font enf kit fitted it great

    • But the compain is europen tax registered

    • How will they now what in the box if it says motorcycle parts on customs forms anything over £15 is subject to tax

    • Fck knows, maybe i was told wrong and got lucky on myparts!

    • Dan Markinson 300 dollars I think ( about 200 pound shipped ) I got this kit last year for HR

    • I used HR video to install it , would it be ok to post there video from YouTube on the gromlins site ?

    • Ooo shiney bling! Nice one