Company s are just not this nice good anymore. Please read the long post below

Company's are just not this nice/good anymore! Please read the long post below.

So, as some of you saw by a couple of my posts, I was going to sell my Kabuto helmet that I bought a month ago because I bought it to large. I bought a XL and it is just to big. I have been trying on helmets like crazy trying to find a good fit etc. Well I decided to email Kabuto today and ask them if purchasing a set of internals for a Large helmet would basically turn the helmet into a Large instead of an XL. Based on their website it would be about $50 to $60. They sent me a reply within an hour and a half, on a Sunday, and said that yes it would work and to send them my address and they will send me a set right away. No cost! That is so amazing! For a company to actually care about their customers now a days is very rare. Especially since it isn't their fault. I HIGHLY recommend anyone in the market for a new helmet to at least check out the Kabuto helmets. I just felt the need to share some good news in this horrible, mean, greedy world. I don't know if this is going to work, but either way I am impressed.