• Considering selling. What s a reasonable asking price for an 08 with 14

    Considering selling. What's a reasonable asking price for an '08 with 14.5k miles on it?

    • Would swap you an 08 Virago for it !! 17000 miles on it nice garage kept !!

    • If its as nice as my Virago !!

    • I think your Virago is a little nicer than it is. Honestly, I'm not getting another bike unless it's a Harley

    • Depends on upkeep

    • You will be sorry , Be warned !! No Harleys !! You under pressure from your buddies !!??

      You will push more than ride !! But maybe you like the exercise !!

    • I could do that trade lol Laura has 21k though

    • Jim Wilson I already push more than ride. That's why I'm thinking about selling. Thinking about selling as is. Let someone else deal with the POS..

    • Andrew, you know Kevin? Small world.

    • Yeah I suppose so lol

    • 06' 29k miles bought for $1,300 in mint condition.