• Considering the amount of interest that XL S create on E bay don t see that...

    Considering the amount of interest that XL,S create on E bay , don't see that many actually being ridden .

    • Besides i think matt is hoarding all things xl this side of the bridge!! Matthew

    • If we could dislodge that engine I would make a round trip !!

    • Someone has just put a bid on one I was watching

    • Then, should I say I have been blessed to have one running in colombia?

    • One is never enough !!!

    • Nice

    • Lol...

    • Gimme six months, save this pic. And I'LL show you what it'll become

    • I like them original not quick enough to make into a cafe racer

    • That is my opinion as well originally restored.

    • i like restored and cafe racer but i like more i restore or transform, the good for mi is make this work.

    • Here's my daughter riding on the Neil Westcott trial in November last year.