Cooey everyone just a quick question I am going to hire a van to collect my MSX...


Cooey everyone, just a quick question - I am going to hire a van to collect my MSX next week and just wondered what the measurements of the bike were or if anyone has successfully put an MSX in a ford transit connect van before? I was going to hire a SWB transit with tons of room but a smaller van would be a bit cheaper!

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  • itll fit in a transit connect L2 (larger connect)....but dont think itll quite fit in smaller L1 connect,but it might just about squeeze in as load space length is 175cm,so might go in on the diagonal,but obviously trickier to support when not as easy to lash securely

  • Cheers all, thats me sorted then

  • careful with side covers (on side of tank) when lifting in and out,dont push or press on them,i snapped lug on mine when lifting it....only lent my knee against it :/

  • Owain Powell I have put mine in a transit connect it fits but the back doors need strapping together as they won't shut by about 3inch, it will fit in a vauxhall combo older shape and it will also go in a vw caddy newer shape

  • That was straight tho, think it will go in corner to corner like Fatman Racing said

  • ive had an SV650 in a berlingo

  • I fit mine int back of my aunts zafira hahahahah

  • It would fit in a connect van Easily

  • Cheers chaps! Roll on next tuesday

  • My grom bus put it in rear end first then front wheel up to the doors strap handel bars each side never had a problem