Could use a little advice here I repainted my gas tank after filling a dent...

Could use a little advice here. I repainted my gas tank after filling a dent with some bondo. The spot that I filled ended up looking like this. As if the paint didn't react well with the.filler. Before I go and do it again, does anyone have experience with this problem? I used primer, base coat, color coat and clear. Next time I will probably pay someone who knows what they are doing. But I'm balls deep in it and I'd like to get it looking better. Thank you.

  • I painted 30 or so minutes after primer. Per the directions from the paint company. Did not wet sand after priming. Yes Tom Wright those are new decals. Got them off ebay. Think I paid about 40 bucks. Obviously I'm not putting the tank decals on until the paint is right. Or at least better than what you see in the photo.

  • Holy s#&t Nelson Heddle. Nice work. Are you a pro?

  • Nope. Spray cans.

  • When I did mine I did 2 coats primer but I waited 4 hours in between each coat. The longer the better cause then the paint bonds better to the tank. Then I out 6 coats of color and wet sanded in between each coat. And 4 coats of clear coat. Always waited about 4 hours between coats. Took about a week to do all 3 pieces. And with the bondo you have to make sure that it totally has time to dry. I left mine on over night and had the heat on in my garage. The longer it has time to set the better.

  • I was going to say that. It's your dry time is the problem and you absolutely need to wet sand your primer coats. Primer dries at different rates over different surfaces. I'd be giving that primer a few hours and wet sanding in between. That levels the surface equally. Cannot have differing textures with a 3 stage system. I've shot that base-color-clear before it's tricky. Make sure it's all dry and wet sand between coats. You need a smooth surface.

  • just like painting a wall

  • if the fill isnt completely dried, the paint will just wet it back up

  • if its raining outside, takes much longer too

  • Thanks for all the input. I will take more time this go around.

  • U use primer I hope?