Could use some advice I picked up this 1978 xl125 Had one about like it back...


Could use some advice I picked up this 1978 xl125. Had one about like it back in 1980. Have not messed with bikes since then but thinking about restoring it. Money and ability is not the issue as I have had an Auto body shop for 20 something years. My question is the engine I pulled the plug and put in some starter fluid and she fired but has a serious knock, valve rattle or something. How complicated are the engines to work on, on these? Thank you for any responses.

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  • Nice post Ron

  • I have not done one, worked on cars all my life but not an internal engine mechanic. Everything else looks to be manageable. It is missing some wiring and electrical parts but have done wiring on cars so that should be ok.

  • If you know about cars you ain't far off to have ago on this Top end even inspection will give you a guide I'm also doing this model now 1976 all in box with top end dismantled

  • I guess after I do some reading I will do an inspection and see what is going on.

  • Get a Haynes manual they are pretty good for xls

  • If it were me i would whip carb off. Give it a clean and get some fresh petrol running through it. Easy start or te like will sound like its knockin its brains off.. as above the bottom end are usually ok. Its more the top end on these. Top end rebuild is easy enough.

  • I will do that, I drained the tank last night.